Disk 1

I'm taking home a baby bumblebee (1:00):Sylvia Tabvatak
They say that in the army (1:14):Sylvia Tabvatak
Popcorn, chewing gum, peanuts... (0:36):Sylvia Tabvatak
Ten little Indians (0:14):Paddy Tabvatak
Silent night, holy night (0:38):Sylvia and Paddy
I have a jubilee down in my heart (0:41):Sylvia and Paddy
Mine, mine, mine (0:38):Sylvia and Paddy
Praise God from Whom all Blessings (0:20):Margaret Hannak
When the Saints (0:51):Margaret and Sylvia
Praise the Lord (1:51):Margaret and Sylvia
Go tell it on the mountain (0:19):Sarah Hannak and Sylvia Tabvatak
I have a jubilee down in my heart (0:39):Sarah and Sylvia
I have a joy joy joy down in my heart (0:41):Sarah and Sylvia
Mine, mine, mine, Jesus is mine (0:37):Sarah and Sylvia
Stand up and shout (2:57):Margaret and Sarah Hannak, Sylvia
I didn't want to take my gun (4:19):Mickey and Mary Kaschuk
I remember something in the North (2:32):Mickey and Mary Kaschuk
Story (7:22):Paopa
I am remembering something in winter (2:08):Paopa
There were only Eskimos, no white people
(Track 19 continues) (22:37):
I can't do anything
(low recording level) (1:37):
Helen Ishluanik
While we were hunting with my uncle
(low recording level) (6:39):
Helen Ishluanik

Disk 2

His wife was alone
(low recording level) (7:42):
Helen Ishluanik
Ay ya ya Song (1:35):Helen Ishluanik
Love Song (3:26):Charlie Panigoniak
Squirrel Song (3:37):Charlie Panigoniak
What do you do in the springtime? (1:47):Charlie Panigoniak
Love Song (2:59):Charlie Panigoniak
Little Finger (3:15):Charlie Panigoniak
Trip to Baker Lake (2:44):Charlie Panigoniak
We were starving in 1957 (4:40):Charlie Panigoniak
John 3:16 God so love the world (2:08):Charlie Panigoniak
Rubber and Jello (2:53):Charlie Panigoniak
How is Eskimo Point? (0:43):Charlie Panigoniak
My Lord and God (2:31):Charlie Panigoniak
Ay ya ya (2:02):Charlie Panigoniak
Hunting Song (2:18):Charlie Panigoniak
Trip to Dublin (2:54):Charlie Panigoniak
Dad's Song (1:18):Charlie Panigoniak

Disk 3

I want to see the land (4:25):Thomas Siatala
I am wondering just lying down (3:26):Thomas Siatala
I think that if a person has something (5:04):Elizabeth Nanook
Father's Song
(ay ya ya only) (6:17):
Elizabeth Nanook
I wonder why I'm singing a song (8:18):Andy and Elizabeth Owlijoot
I've got something in my mind (3:55):Sam Kunuk
song - I killed caribou (13:27):
Laurent Pameolik
I thought I wouldn't get used to hunting (8:42):Laurent Pameolik
Unknown (2:08):Unknown

Disk 4

I want to sing a song about my life (1:56):Paul Irksak
I was hunting (1:36):Paul Irksak
On the river I took the long cut (2:05):Paul Irksak
Green green grass of home (2:09):Paul Irksak
Grandfather's song about the old people starving (10:08):Donald Suluk
Drum Dance (7:32):Donald Suluk
He was trying to catch the polar bear/
Song made by wife's father (8:02):
Donald and Alice
I wonder why I am so lonesome in summer (3:02):Donald and Alice
The people who live near Baker Lake (3:50):Donald Suluk
Mother's story about oldtimers/
The old people used to ask the shaman (7:11):
Alice Suluk
I was shy because one of the people tells a story (4:13):Donald and Alice
Eskimo Point in 1950 (5:54):Donald Suluk