Do You Hear That?:
Ohiya akuni akuni ohiya
They won, they're coming back

They're making their war cries
While they're coming back

Dakota ohiya-aku-wido
The young warriors won
And are coming back

Mike Hotain, Sioux Valley, Manitoba

In this short video, Dakota musician Mike Hotain, shows us a music which is rooted in the natural beauty of the northern plains.
Mike's grandparents taught him to listen to the sounds around him: the varying seasonal sounds of leaves; water which may "cry"; even manmade sounds such as a door banging in the wind. They would say to him "Do you hear that?"
Mike was taught to listen within himself too, and to connect his heartbeat to the sounds of Mother Earth. As a musician, Mike is able to realize this listening (and feeling) in his drumming and singing.
The video shows us how Mike passes on his musical wisdom and knowledge to four Dakota youths. You will follow the progress of the youths as they learn to drum and sing a sneak-up dance and you may be inspired to try this musical art yourself. Certainly, it is because of the musical integrity of Dakota song and the spiritual integrity of teachers such as Mike, that this plains music has been able to endure over the centuries.

Mike Hotain, working with  R. Murray Schafer and Lynn Whidden, also completed a fine recording (2004) of his songs. On the recording, Every Song Comes with the Wind, Mike talks about his Dakota songs before singing them.