Paul ShorePaul’s background for Environment Matters: Three Habitats of Song and Music

                I have been a teacher in a variety of settings from elementary school to the graduate seminar, and have conducted research on topics ranging from Roman tomb inscriptions to non-rational ways of knowing to the history of higher education.   And although this has meant that I spend a great deal of time in Habitat Two, I am vitally interested in both of the other habitats, which is where I expect to be occupying myself increasingly in the future.   This project has been an opportunity to ask questions about the relationship among environment, sensory input, creativity and religious experience (among others), and to work towards new ways of thinking about how we define and understand music.   Rather than claiming to be revisionists in the academic discipline of musicology, Lynn and I hope to supplement the current understanding of the environmental history of music by calling attention to the complexity and richness of the settings in which music has always been made—as well as to the radical changes now upon us with the arrival of electronic sound generation.

            The choice of the word “habitat” to characterize these settings is intended to be neither catchy nor provocative, but instead to be taken almost literally.  These are places where music has lived and interacted with the physical world, whether human-made or natural, and where the auditors of this music were also touched by the objects and forces around them.   And as we come to understand more completely the story of this interaction, we will be better able to appreciate the experience of music in the ways it can be made today.    


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